Servinox full bore multi way valves

  • All or nothing” valves with a full flow cylindrical cock.
  • Suitable for the transfer of clear, viscous and/or charged products.
  • Hygienic design ensures the absence of retention zones.
  • Optimal cleanability by pulsing during CIP cycles.
  • Various types: 2 ways, 3 ways (L, T or 120° key), distribution valve (2 to 5 ways) or reversing valve (2 inlets, 2 outlets)
  • Piggable: regarding the chosen option they can be equipped with heating jacket… (see “options” in  product datasheet)

Download productsheet Servinox mutliway valves (PDF)

More info on Servinox pigging systems

Stainless steel 2 or 3-way-cock


  • Manually operated.
  • Designed for shut-off (2-way) and diversion (3-way).
  • Full bore and therefore allow complete flow of product.
  • Maintenance is minimal and plug cocks are serviceable online.

Download product info (PDF)
Download table (PDF)

Alfa Laval Koltek MH shutter valve


  • Manually or pneumatically operated.
  • Suitable for products with high viscosity or solids.

Download productsheet (PDF)

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