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EHEDG, 3A, CIP and SIP are only a few terms that are important in hygienic or sanitary applications. Standards and guidelines are extended or adjusted every day. Because our health and our safety deserve the highest protection. Gillain & Co experts follow every development closely. They can choose from a very extensive range of pumps and are happy to provide independent and expert advice. You can rely on safe and reliable solutions from us that help you to optimise your production processes.

Processing requirements

In hygienic processes it is essential that pumps can be cleaned thoroughly and are suitable for CIP (cleaning in place) and SIP (sterilising in place). At Gillain & Co you will find the most extensive range of pumps for the food and life sciences sectors and other applications where cleaning plays an important role. Our pumps comply with all the regulations for hygienic production, such as EHEDG and 3A. 

Which pump?

In the processing industry centrifugal and volumetric pumps are most frequently used. the type of pump is determined on the basis of four criteria:

  • Type and viscosity of the medium
  • The presence of particulate solids or pellets
  • Variable or fixed flow rate
  • Required flow rate and discharge head

Our pump specialists can advise you on determining your choice free from any obligation.


Choose from the best products available on the market from Gillain & Co. We propose solutions attuned to your processing environment. Your only guarantee of the right and best performing solution.

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