Alfa Laval ThinkTop D30 Digital 254 VDC PNC

  • Suitable for butterfly valves, single- and double seat valves.
  • Perfect solution when there is little room. 
  • Compatible with major PLC systems.
  • Simple and reliable solutions for hygienic applications in food, breweries, dairy.
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Alfa Laval Unique Control for Butterfly Valve

Alfa Laval Unique Control voor vlindekleppen


  • Actuator with integrated automation.  
  • For all sizes of LKB butterfly valves: "one size fits all" 
  • Increased productivity through the intelligent control system.
  • Compatible with all major PLC systems.
  • Easy programming by pushing one button.
  • Simple and reliable solution for hygienic applications: food, breweries, biopharma.
Download product sheet (PDF)


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