Vacuum process plants - Homogeniser K-DisHo

  • Proven concept and ideal homogenisation tool for every product: DisHo
  • Reduces production times by up to 60%
  • Aseptic design for fast and effective cleaning
  • Optimal reproducibility
  • Good de-aeration
  • End-to-end automation
  • Simple homogeniser - very effective


Gillain & Co Vacuum proces installaties

Gillain & Co Vacuum proces installaties

  • Fed directly into the homogenisation tool, where they are de-agglomerated and dispersed without any unwanted entry of air. A recirculation line returns the product to the interior chamber of the container.

  • This line and the special scraper-agitator work together to macro-mix the product through vertical convection.

  • The conical shape of the container base directs the product to the multi-chamber homogenisation system, where the entire procedure is repeated.

  • The machine is emptied via a discharge valve on the homogeniser or via the downstream recirculation line.

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  • Mayonnaises and dressings
  • Ketchup and emulsified sauces
  • Pasta sauces and delicatessen products
  • Humus (chickpeas with tahina)

  • Creams, lotions, gels
  • Decorative cosmetics
  • Toothpaste


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