Alfa Laval CM (Condition monitoring systemen) by Gillain & Co, part of Heleon Group

Alfa Laval CM (Control condition monitoring)

 Alfa Laval CM (Condition monitoring) systeem maximizes uptime and minimizes operational cost

Let the Alfa Laval CM take condition monitoring to the next level using advanced data on vibration, temperature and run-time to keep track of equipment condition and ensure process continuity.

The CM collects and analyzes data from rotating machines, recording any deviation from benchmark performance. Based on the data, the operator can make fast, accurate decisions and schedule maintenance accordingly, preventing potential problems before they occur. This maximizes uptime, increases efficiency, reduces the risk of equipment failure and lowers your total cost of ownership.

The condition monitor is suitable for use in the dairy, food, beverage, home-personal care, biotech and pharmaceutical  industries.


    Alfa Laval CM (Condition monitoring systemen) by Gillain & Co, part of Heleon Group

    • Condition monitoring for fast and accurate response
    • Minimal unplanned downtime
    • Low total cost of ownership
    • Easy to install, operate and maintain
    • Improve worker safety

    Download Alfa Laval CM productsheet (PDF)

    Alfa Laval CM Connect

    • Alfa Laval CM Connect is a monitoring system and cloud solution that allows you to remotely monitor rotating equipment in real-time.
    • The Alfa Laval CM Connect is a condition monitor and cloud gateway for remote, real-time monitoring of hygienic rotating equipment. 
    • The Alfa Laval CM Connect can connect up to 10 wireless Alfa Laval CM vibration monitors. 
    • Compact and easy to use. An intuitive dashboard allows users to access data on connected computing This way, informed decisions can be made to avoid unplanned downtime and save costs. 

    Download Alfa Laval CM connect product sheet (PDF)

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