Murzan DUS-15 unloading unit for Eurobin containers

  • For unloading hygienic dump buggy (EUROBIN) containers.
  • Unloads viscous fruit and savoury pie fillings, mashed potatoes, highly viscous products, and products with delicate particles or large solids up to 3 inches (76mm), cleanly, quickly, and with no change in consistency on most products.
  • Conforms to FDA requirements for approved materials, is CIP capable, and incorporates the USDA listed Murzan PI50.

Download product sheet (PDF)

Murzan DUS-50 unloading unit for 55 gallon drums

  • For emptying the most viscous materials from 55 gallon drums or containers of any shape.
  • Can also unload drums with aseptic bags and liners.
  • FDA listed and USDA approved.
  • Easy to clean
  • Optional metering system for volume or weight while pumping.
  • CIP capability
  • Applications: tomato paste, peanut butter, mayonnaise, jellies, cosmetics, vaseline

Download product sheet (PDF)

Murzan DUS-10

  • Same specifications as Murzan DUS-50 (see above), but without conveyer belt.

Murzan KUS-50 unloading system voor mixing bowls

  • For unloading contoured mixing bowls.
  • Unloads viscous icings, batters, and fillings with delicate solids up to 3 inches (76mm), cleanly, quickly and with no change in consistency on most products. 
  • Easy to clean
  • FDA approved.
  • CIP
  • Incorporates the Murzan PI-50.
  • Applications: batters, icings, fillings, other viscous products

Download product sheet (PDF)

Murzan AB-72 and AB-70-3 suction wand for self-leveling products

  • Semi automated process to unload drums or totes of viscous self-leveling products.
  • Pneumatically raise/lower suction wand improves ergonomics, minimizes labour, and reduces the injury risk.
  • Easy to clean.

Download product sheet AB-72 (PDF)
Download productfiche AB-70-3 (PDF)

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