Ygros EDF non return valve


Ygors terugslagklep

  • Ygros uses a system which excludes and completely substitutes the use of the classic spring, and by consequence any contact with the treated fluids, so total hygiene is guaranteed. 
  • Ygros is based on the application of an external magnetic field to interrupt the backflow inside a pipe, by means of a shutter. This innovative idea guarantees a level of sterility which no other classic spring system can reproduce.
  • Valve materials: AISI 304, AISI 316L, DUPLEX
  • Internal finishing surface: Ra<0.8, Ra<0.4
    External finishing surface: Ra<1.2, Ra<0.8, blasted with microspheres of glass or ceramics, electro-polished.
  • Flanges: DIN 11851 femmina, clamp,  Tri clover ASME BPE
  • The YGROS EDF valve can be mounted in any position.
  • Applications: Ygros is the perfect solution for pharma, food and chemical applications.

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Alfa Laval LKC-2 non return valve

Alfa Laval LKC-2 Terugslagklep
  • Designed for use in stainless steel pipe installations to prevent reverse flow.

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Alfa Laval Tri-Clover® LKC UltraPure non return valve

Alfa Laval LKC-2 Terugslagklep
  • Non-return valve preventing reverse flow in a system.
  • Designed and documented to meet the demands in industries like biopharm and personal care.

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