When it has to be flexible.

Unlimited choice

We have an unlimited range of flexible synthetic hoses (silicone, nitrile, EPDM, etc.) and stainless steel hoses suitable for high-purity applications. We can supply them customised or on a roll. We also provide the appropriate fittings.

Certified and traceable

Our partners are exclusively manufacturers who have years of experience in the production of flexible hoses and guarantee high quality standards.  All our products are certified and traceable. They are produced according to the standards of the FDA and/or USP VI.

Which hose for which application?

The choice of hose depends on numerous operational factors:

•    Chemical characteristics
•    Liquid temperature
•    Flow rate
•    Duration

Ensure that you choose the hose with the longest life for your application and make a safe and cost effective choice. We offer the most extended range of flexibles. You can find the most common items on this website. Are you looking for a solution for a specific problem? Please ask our technical experts for information on compatibility for your application.

View our range of flexible hoses

Synthetic silicone hoses (custom)
Synthetic rubber hoses (custom)
Synthetic thermoplastic hoses (custom)
Synthetic hoses (on roll)
Stainless steel hoses

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