A pigging solution adapted to your specific requirements.

Your needs are our challenges

Because we want to assure you the best results, we always start with a complete assessment of your needs. Your requirements, but also possible restrictions in your process environment, are the key elements to determine what technical solution is the most beneficial. Depending on your application, you choose a pigging solution with air (e.g. chocolate production) or water.

Our partner for pigging solutions is Servinox, a major player and pigging specialist. Together, we have many years of technical experience in the field of pigging systems. We assist you through the entire process, from design to delivery and guarantee an adequate after-sales service.

  • Custom-built
    Our experience enables us to propose a customised system defined specifically according to contract conditions for effective integration in process and cleaning phases.
  • Safe
    The patented Servinox pig, combined with a latest generation system for regulation of pig speed, enables us to propose a solution that is safe for equipment and users.
  • Maximum efficiencyServinox full way multi valves
    Servinox full flow multiway valves provide customers with an overall solution to optimise pigging phases, but also to increase productivity when transferring products. 

Increased flexibility

Servinox pigging system enable several different products to be transferred in the same line, increasing the flexibility of installations.

Reduced losses

Pigging a process line recovers stagnating product at the end of transfer. The absence of residues in conduits at the end of pigging reduces CIP cycle times at the same time as optimising the consumption of water and cleaning products. The productivity of installations is optimised by reducing CIP cycle times in combination with the use of more flexible lines.

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