NEW! Economical single-use sampling bag for the food and beverage industry

With KEOFITT™ single-use sampling bags you can take hygienic samples in a simple and quick way. Safer and at a lower cost. You can now get rid of the time-consuming rinsing and sterilizing of containers!

KEOFITT Sampling Bag by Gillain & Vo part of Heleon Group

  • The new KEOFITT™ Sampling Bag™ is a multi-layer single-use sampling bag.
  • Distinguishes itself from the competition by effective sterilization or disinfection of the entire flow before sampling (closed circuit). 
  • Suitable for taking hygienic samples of all liquids including viscous products and products with solid particles up to 15 mm in diameter, intended for microbiological and chemical/physical analysis.
  • Available in 1000ml and 2000ml.
  • Certified: FDA, EU EC 1935/2004 - EU EC 2023/2006 - EU EC 10/2011
  • Very affordable. Ask for your quick quote! Call 03 870 60 80 or send an e-mail to 






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KEOFIITT sampling bag - Hoe werkt het??

  • Keofitt multi layer sampling bag for single use 
  • Sampling in a closed circuit
  • Safe sampling in the food and drinks industries
  • Available in 1000ml and 2000ml
  • Very price advantageous


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