Producing hygienically in a sustainable manner.

Safety first

Medicines are administered orally or injected right into the bloodstream. We use shampoos, deodorants, soaps and toothpastes for our daily hygiene. No wonder their production must satisfy the strictest hygiene requirements. The same applies to cosmetic products like crèmes or lotions.

No-frills assortment

Preventing cross-infection via parts or residual products from a previous batch is vitally important. We offer ASME BPE certified and traceable stainless steel components with an extremely smooth surface. They satisfy the strictest requirements with regard to hygienic design and allow production according to the HACCP, GMP and FDA guidelines.

Cost efficient

Increased competition, new legislation and rules. Those are a few factors that you must anticipate quickly. We gladly think along on all aspects of hygienic production. Many years of exclusive collaboration with worldwide top suppliers means we can offer the safest products at the best price.

Gillain & Co Alfa Laval actuator voor vlinderklep