Flexibele slang Gecitech tressil voeding en farma

  • Materials: platinum cured silicone.
  • Reinforcement: textile reinforcement submerged in silicone.
  • Applications: perfect for the transfer of pharmaceutical, biotechnological, cosmetic and food products also at high temperatures (injectable products, blood plasmas, purified water and all liquid food...).
  • Vacuum rating: no.
  • Working temperature range: from -60°C to +180°C
  • Fittings: NRS® / VNRS®
  • Ø internal: 3,17mm / 32mm

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Flexibele slang Gecitech tressil voeding en farma

  • Materials: robust hose, fully extruded. Platinum cured silicone. Smooth white silicone (NT version) or natural (NTP version). 
  • Reinforcement: textile reinforcement and double stainless steel wiring submerged in silicone.
  • Certification: FDA /  USP class VI.
  • Vacuum rating: no
  • Working temperature range: from -60°C to +180°C
  • Fittings: NRS® / MSP®
  • Ø internal: 8mm / 100mm

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Silicone hoses Spirsil®

  • Ideal for low pressure performance in the transfer of all pharmaceutical, biotechnological, cosmetic, and food products. This hose also has excellent vacuum resistance qualities
  • Material: Natural platinum silicone
  • Reinforcement: Stainless steel wiring wrapped in silicone
  • Standard production length: 18.70 ft. (± 2%)
  • Working temperature range: from -60°C à +180°C
  • Validation: FDA 21CFR – 177 2600 / USP class VI / USP Physicochemical 661 / Cytotoxicity / Hemolysis / Européenne Pharmacopée 3.1.9.
  • Automatic processing in clean room in accordance to international regulation
  • Robust smooth hose, fully extruded
  • The product flowing through the hose is visible
  • High flexibility, small bending radius
  • Cleaning: Hot water at 194°F. The SPIRSIL® hose can be also autoclaved
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The choice of hose depends on numerous operational factors:

  • Chemical characteristics
  • Liquid temperature
  • Flow rate
  • Duration

Ensure that you choose the hose with the longest life for your application and make a safe and cost effective choice.

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