Filters that meet the stringest requirements

Filtration and separation processes in the pharmaceutical industry are critical, not only to ensure products are adequately purified and fit for consumption, but also to optimise process economics and prevent loss of valuable product. Porvair Filtration Group has over 25 years experience in providing innovative solutions that meet the customer’s requirements as well as standards set by the regulatory authorities.

Manufacturing of our high performance cost effective products is underpinned by our quality assurance programme, cGMP practices and clean room environment to ensure products meet the stringent requirements of the Pharmaceutical, Generics and Veterinary Medicines industry.

Our polymeric cartridge filters are constructed from FDA-approved materials carrying the CFR 21 number for biological safety and materials of construction meet USP Class VI-121°C plastics. Designed and manufactured for robustness, our sterilising grade polymeric filters are fully validated providing retention of >10 colony forming units per square centimetre of effective filtration area as stipulated by PDA Technical Reports 26 and 40.

The Porvair range of metal cartridge filters, cartridge housings and filtration systems are manufactured from 316L stainless steel and other alloys and can be surface treated to meet the exacting requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. Coded vessels are supplied to BS5500, ASME VIII U-Stamp and other standards as required.

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