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Filtration within food and beverage processing, is a safe and economic method for removing impurities and extending the shelf life of many consumable products. High cleanliness standards and stringent contamination control is of utmost importance within the industry, ensuring the manufacture of superior quality produce, a significant reduction of waste and a minimum of product spoilage.

Backed by over 25 years experience in providing innovative filtration and separations solutions to the food and beverage industry, Porvair prides itself in being able to offer high quality, cost effective filters for all stages of the purification or separation process. Porvair filters are installed to effectively remove particulates, yeast, mould spores and bacteria for use in the following process applications:

Wineries: for pre-filtration and microbiological stabilisation.

Breweries: for PVPP and DE particulate trap filtration, stabilisation, bio-burden reduction prior to pasteurisation, FOB returns, steam and sterile CO2.

Cider:, for pre-filtration and microbiological stabilisation.

Mineral Water: for polishing and particulate filtration, and microbiological stabilisation.

Soft Drinks: for microbial stabilisation of water, removal of particulates from sugar and flavourings, sterile filtration of CO2.

Food and Dairy Products: to remove micro-organisms, Cryptosporidium oocysts and particulate or unwanted suspended material from utilities such as water, air, gas or steam.

Culinary Steam is used to ensure the sterilisation of filters and process equipment or sanitisation of general equipment. Offering a range of filter grades and materials, Porvair’s porous stainless steel cartridge filters are suited to culinary steam applications and comply with 3-A Standard 609-01.

Powder Handling of milk powders, raw materials in bakeries and other food powders requires uniform fluidisation and aeration. Porvair’s powder handling microporous technologies are ideally suited to gravity discharge, air assisted gravity conveying, anti-bridging and aeration pads or dip coating applications.

Sparging Applications, using Porvair stainless steel elements, designed and manufactured from uniform, fine media to achieve efficient mass transfer of gas into liquid, include N2 injection into emulsifiers and oils, gas introduction and mixing in fermentation, batch hydrogenation applications and carbonation of beverages.

Stringent quality control processes and FDA approved
Porvair products are manufactured under strict quality process controls and are fully validated and technically supported by qualified scientists and laboratory services. Porvair polymeric filter cartridges, manufactured from FDA-approved media under clean room conditions, include a wide range of end adaptors to enable easy retrofitting into new or existing competitor housings and all membrane filter cartridges are 100% integrity tested during production.

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Porvair filters voor voeding en farma Porvair filters voor voeding en farma Porvair filters voor voeding en farma

Porvair filters voor voeding en farma Porvair filters voor voeding en farma Porvair filters voor voeding en farma



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