Alfa Laval Iso-Mix rotary jet mixer

  • Revolutionary patented technology that mixes liquids faster and more effectively than conventional methods.
  • One tank can be used for a variety of processes normally carried out in separate process units, such as water de-aeration, syrup/aroma mixing, carbonation and CIP.
  • Also handles gas and powder dispersion.
  • Minimizes energy consumption.
  • Applications: Breweries: to shorten beer fermentation time by 30%. Soft drink production: reduce investment costs by more than 50%. Deoxygenating cold-pressed vegetable oils.

Boosting beer fermentation

Optimizing beverage production

More efficient de-aeration

Alfa Laval IM 10 Rotary Jet Mixer

  • The patented IM 10 Rotary Jet Mixer provides fast and efficient,  hydraulically-balanced mixing in tanks.
  • It can also be used for efficient
    gas dispersion, and it is the most efficient CIP tank-cleaning machine
    on the market.

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