• Paul Gillain, originally from Dinant, settles in Antwerp as a trader.
  • He mainly imports linseed press cakes and cattle feed.

1885 - 1887

  • He launches his own patented cream separator and introduces the centrifugal cream separator “Alfa Laval” in Belgium.

1913 - 1918

  • Paul Gillain founds a factory of woodworking machines and gas engines.
    This is established in Kontich from 1914.
  • At the outbreak of WWI his excellent equipment is seized.
  • After the war he focuses on importing equipment for the dairy sector, agricultural equipment and woodworking machines.

1924 - 1952

  • René Gillain succeeds his father Paul in 1924.
  • Gillain & Co open branches in Eisden and Luxembourg (city) in addition to the registered office in Antwerp.
  • Joseph and Fernand Gillain take over the management in 1952. The increasing use of stainless steel for the production of hygienic equipment forms the basis of considerable expansion. The “Brewery”, “Industry” and “Pharmaceuticals” divisions are formed.

1971 - 2001

  • Gillain & Co moves to a brand new building in Aartselaar in 1971.
  • From 1977 Guy and Patrick Gillain (4th generation) actively work in the fast-growing family business.
  • 1986 – The storage places for stainless steel pipes are extended significantly.
  • From 1987 Gillain & Co completes major turnkey projects worldwide.
  • 1990 - Guy Gillain takes the lead and further develops the specialisation in designing, assembling and supplying hygienic installations.
  • 2001 – Takeover of the “Systems and projects” division by Fabricom GDF SUEZ. Gillain & Co remains autonomous and is a highly specialised supplier of components and equipment for the food and life sciences sectors from then on.

2001 - 2018

  • 2004 - Gillain & Co is again the exclusive distributor of Alfa Laval (food and pharmaceuticals) in Belgium.
  • 2008 – The warehouse is expanded greatly and is fully automated.
    Customers can be served better and faster and full traceability of the components is guaranteed. With its extensive knowledge of hygienic processes and an unlimited range, Gillain & Co has been the partner par excellence for over 135 years for businesses who want to produce safely and cost efficiently.
  • 1 July 2011 - Patrick Roggemans (formerly Alfa Laval) is co-shareholder and CEO of Gillain & Co.

2018 - present

  • 2018 - Heleon Group - supplier of hygienic stainless steel process components based in the Netherlands - acquires Belgian market leader Gillain & Co. Gillain & Co continues to operate independently and expands further its market position within Heleon Group. The acquisition creates a major player in the market for high-quality process components for the pharmaceutical, life sciences and food industries. Jan Timmer, CEO of Heleon Group, takes over the day-to-day management. 

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