NEW! IntegrX-HPX™ 'integrated' rupture disk from CDC according to ASME BPE

CDC RCS breekplaat

The new IntegrX-HPX™ is a semi-circular, scored, reverse-acting rupture disc, perfectly suited for cyclic process conditions from full vacuum to 95% of the stamped rating.

Its welded design mitigates the impact of downstream piping loads on the rupture disc burst pressure and overall performance.

Continental Disc incorporated an external tag, aiding installation and providing clearly visible identification in the field and easy access to marked data.

  • Sizes: 1” (25mm) to 4” (100mm)
  • Rupture Disc Materials: 316 Stainless Steel, Alloy C276, Alloy C22
  • Ferrules Material: 316/316L Stainless Steel as standard
  • Burst Pressure Range: 15 psig to 500 psig (1.03 barg to 34.5 barg)
  • Temperature Range: -320°F to 500°F (-196°C to 260° C)
  • Manufacturing Range: Zero
  • Burst Tolerance: +/- 5% over for marked burst pressure 40 psig (2.76 barg) and+/- 2 psig (0.138 barg) @ 40 psig (2.76 barg) and under
  • Burst to Operating Ratio:
  • 95% of the burst pressure for settings with 40 psig (2.76 barg)
  • For burst pressures below 40 psig, 95% of the burst pressure setting minus the burst tolerance
  • Sanitary Ferrule Connections: ASME BPE, ISO 2852, DIN 32676
  • Global certifications and approvals including ASME (UD), PED (CE),UKCA, CRN

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