Mustard line - Main components

  1. 2 pre-mix vessels for mustard mash, with propeller mixer and discharge pump
  2. Colloid mill as a pre-grinding mill for mustard mash
  3. Buffer container for pre-ground mustard mash, with propeller agitator
  4. Corundum stone mill with integrated feed pump for fine grinding
  5. Buffer vessel for fine ground mustard
  6. Cooling unit: heat plate exchanger with feeding pumps
  7. Vacuum de-aerator with discharge pump
  8. Storage tank with discharge pumpcal and horizontal design.
  9. Product feed via feeding hopper or feeding pump.
  10. Different grit sizes for individual applications.
  11. Easy milling zone adjustment via manual hand wheel.
  12. Automatic milling zone on option.
  13. Best reproducibility.

Gillain & Co Corundum stone mills

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