Alfa Laval introduced its first brazed plate heat exchanger (BHE) in 1977 and has since continuously developed and optimized its performance and reliability. Brazing the stainless steel plates together eliminates the need for gaskets and thick frame plates. The brazing material seals and holds the plates together at the contact points ensuring optimal heat transfer efficiency and pressure resistance. The plate design guarantees the longest possible life. The design options of the brazed heat exchanger are extensive. Different plate patterns are available for various duties and performance specifications. You can choose a standard configuration BHE, or a unit designed according to your own specific needs. The choice is entirely yours.

Typical applicationsBrazed plate heat exchangers

  • HVAC heating/cooling
  • Refrigerant applications
  • Industrial cooling/heating
  • Oil cooling

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AC Series  brazed heat exchangers


  • Evaporators for dry expansion and cooling water.
  • Condensers for rejecting or recovering heat to water.
  • De-superheaters for partial heat recovery to water.
  • Economizers for cooling liquid refrigerant and super-heating vapour refrigerant.
  • Sub-coolers to cool liquid refrigerants using well water.
  • Intermediate heat exchangers in the absorption cycle, to preheat the diluted solution or to pre-cool the concentrated solution.

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CB - Copper-brazed heat exchanger

CB Brazed heat exchangers

  • Efficient heat transfer with an extremely small footprint, making them ideal for demanding installations where space is at a premium.


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  • Low energy consumption due to the very low pressure drop over the heat exchanger.
  • Excellent thermal performance.
  • 2 combined heat exchangers, consisting of both the air to air heat recovery and air to refrigerant.
  • Integrated connection with heat recovery that requires no additional piping.
  • All refrigerant connections are on one side, air and water drain on the opposite side.
  • Stainless steel for reliability and long life.
  • Compact: the corrugated compressed plates significantly reduce the total air dryer size.

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Dedicated Oil Coolers – DOC

  • With regard to their cooling capacity, the DOC series of BHE's comprise the smallest units on the market.
  • Their compactness allows you greater flexibility in configuring, integrating, and installing a hydraulic oil cooling system with associated equipment.

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